Another fucking day in this godsdamned hellhole. One more year, one more year, one more year…..


“Hey, Bloodhammer! My fucking cat’s got missing, you have anything to do with that?” I sigh. Again. “I told you before, Andrew. Orcs don’t eat cats. Orcs don’t eat pets. They’re Orcs, not animals!”
“Yeah, fucking right they aren’t. I better not find my cat near your house, Blooddick. Got that?”
I say nothing, but move on. I could probably break that Elvish piece of shit with one hand, but my dad, scrawny Human that he is, doesn’t have any real protection against Elvish magic, and who knows what Andrew’s parents might do if I break their son in half and ‘accidentally’ lose a piece or two?


“…and the wars between the Dwarves and the Dark Hordes were begun on…anybeing? Anyone know? The first of August, 1973, of which consisted of the Council of Seven against the…anyone know? Anybeing? Anybeing? The Goblin Alliance and the Orcish Corps. The Orcs and the Goblins, being of low intelligence and poor leadership….”
All eyes swivel to stare at me. I drop my gaze and examine my feet. “…were quickly destroyed by the superior tactics of the Dwarven People…”
Fuck, I hate being here.


“I told you before, my mom’s a sweet lady.”
“She’s an Orc!”
I grind my teeth. Even my smallish tusks. A dangerous sign. “Yes, an Orc. She loves my dad and he loves her! They’re a fucking fairytale, all right?”
The little gnome girl is completely oblivious to the growling starting to come from the back of my throat. “Yeah, but…”
I stand up quickly and get my backpack from where it’s leaning against the wall. “Drop it, will you? It’s none of your business.”
“Yeah, but…”
“I said, it’s none of your business!” I shoulder the bag and stride away. Dammit, mom, dad, you should see what my life is these days.


“Dad’s home!”
My dad walks into the house, and gathers Mom up and swings her around. She giggles and nuzzles his cheek with her left tusk.
“How day was?” she asks softly, embracing him gently as she’s learned to do over the years.
“Fair. Missed you, green lady,” he smiles. “And how was your day, Thrall?” he asks me.
“All right, Dad. Same as usual.”
His smile disappears. “Sorry to hear that, son. I know things aren’t easy for you as a half-Orc, but it will get better, I promise. Heck, our best guy on the line in the field is a half-Elf; had it rough, too, growing up but nobody cares once you’ve graduated and are out in the world, you know?”
I nod. I hear that all the time, and maybe it’s even true. But damn, until then, until then….another day in that godsdamn hellhole.

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